Ok, wow...

It has been forever since I last posted! Oh, say back in May?? Wow! I'm still alive and still trucking!

I ran into some personal life issues + I just recently started a job at the beginning of August! Loving this new job, but its taking a lot of my crafting time away from me! I suppose I just need to set a few hours in the day aside to do some knitting/crocheting and most importantly some photography!

It is now September, summer is defiantly coming to an end here in Ohio! It's getting time for warm hoodies, cuddling up with a nice warm afghan, and fuzzy warm socks.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. And the Harvest Moon is absolutely gorgeous this year!

I'm just waiting for all of the amazing Autumn colors to peak this year, and they are already started to show up! I love the yellows, oranges, and reds of Autumn. Especially walking through some of my favorite parks around town, and of course hiking in Southern Ohio(long as the snakes aren't out).

I have been working on a bunch of different projects lately, I'm slow at getting them finished, but they have been getting done! I really need to step up my game and add more items to my Etsy shop! Why not make a little profit with what I love to do! There are a lot of things up my sleeve that I would love to make!

But for now I have an afghan that I really need to finish for my elderly neighbor who is moving to Maryland next month! I'm roughly halfway done, but it's a very boring pattern so I loose interest after a while. Pretty sure after that's done, I need to start working on Christmas present orders! Man can't believe it's almost that time again! Where did this year go??

I'll finish tonight off with some baby afghans that I have made in the last month!

I hope everyone has a great evening, and bare with me. I promise every other day posts again! And bunches of stuff up on my Etsy Shop!