What's in my yarn Basket?

Happy Tuesday everyone! How is everyone doing on this fine Spring day? Although I look outside and still see all of the snow from this Spring snowstorm many of us got hit with over the weekend.

Tired of the snow and cold yet?

I know I sure am...

Maybe these little lovely flower bunches will help bring a little spring weather, just maybe.. I am ready to plant my own bunch of flowers outside :)

But in the mean time, to warm us up a little, I have a yummy pot roast with carrots and potatoes in the slow cooker, and it smells amazing!

How about we get to what is in my basket :)

These past few weeks I've been stuffing my yarn basket with more projects than I should, and it's over flowing! So no more stuffing until I get at least two of the afghans I have in it done.

Told you guys its overflowing...

First thing in it is a octagon and square afghan :) And the greens I chose for it, look amazing together.

I think my favorite kind of yarn is the Red Heart super saver. It's really cheap and it's so soft! The greens I chose to use for this were:
#661 Frosty Green, #0624 Tea Leaf, and #0389 Hunter Green

This pattern is very simple, it's a basic octagon and granny square pattern! 

For this afghan I did use Red Hearts Octagon & Square throw pattern.
However I did change it up a little bit, when it tells you to *hdc in the top of ch-3* for rnds 3-8. I changed it so that it was *ch1, slst in top of ch-3* instead of the hdc. It looks a whole lot better, trust me :) 

I didn't have to use this pattern, I could have made up my own, but I'm still learning how to make my own and make sure I write it down as I go. I tend to get "lost" in the moment ;) I'm sure all of us crafters do that from time to time.

 I've been working on this for almost 2 weeks now...

I have all of my squares and octagons done now...

And Mr.Kittyboy approves of them and says that they make a nice pillow for him... :)

Now comes the fun part, stitching them all together, which is the part I dread oh so much! I took a break after I finished making the motifs. I started stitching them together this morning, and so far it looks amazing!

 Can not wait to see what it looks like when it is completed! However this one will be given away to my mom for her birthday next month. But it's so easy, so I can just make my own :)

Remember my ripple blanket I've been working on? The brown tones one that I made a tutorial for?

 It's coming together slowly... :P Soon as I finish this octagon throw, this ripple afghan will get finished! Even though I have a ton of new ruffle yarn to make some pretty scarves, I will be good and finish what is in my basket first :)



Oh Duckies!

So I've been working on something VERY cute the past few days, and it's already complete!

Isn't it just adorable?? And it was so easy!

The blanket was really easy to, all I did was follow a duck bobble chart, using single crochet stitch. Then I outlined each square(even the white ones) with 2 rows of white, also using single crochet.

Whipped stitch all of the squares together, and then did a row of white(in single crochet) around the whole afghan. Then using the yellow I did a double crochet border.

Even this adorable duck rattle was easy! I used this pattern and for the eyes I used embroidering yarn. Stuffed it with stuffing, and put to sleigh bells inside to give it a little noise :)

Ok these were not crocheted, but I did buy the little ducky iron on's for them :) 

Can you tell my friend really likes ducks? I guess its the perfect thing when you are being surprised about the gender of your new little bundle of joy!

My husband just laughs at me when I'm making baby things and jokes with me "our child is going to have nothing but home stuff isn't it?" You bet cha!

Now on to something new :) Not sure what now! I need to fill up my "must finish whats in this basket first before starting another project". ;)