A Little Hope

This past week has left not only myself but many in America at loss for words. So many innocent lives have been lost, and I'm sitting here wondering why. Part of a small town in Texas has been destroyed, and the city of Boston has been in lockdown. It's hard to not stare at the news, regardless if it gives me knots in my stomach or not. All we can do is pray that the worst is over and that it doesn't get any worse.

I wish I could send a little Hope and Happiness to each and every family who lost a loved one this week. But instead I stitched some colors that mean Hope and Happiness. I along with many others wish I could do more to help these families.

One of the blogs I follow, posted a link in her blog post today about a Boston Love Blanket project she found on Twitter this afternoon. They are collecting 8"x8" squares to make an afghan for a family of one of the Boston bombing victims. I will be making a few squares this weekend to send to them. After all it takes little to no time to make an afghan square.

With that being said, we have to keep these families in our prayers and move on with our daily lives even if we think doing any thing fun is wrong at this particular time.

So, along with the afghan squares for the Boston Love Blanket, here are my weekend plans....

I found some gorgeous new crochet hooks and a new circular needle this afternoon at Hobby Lobby! Aren't they pretty? I love the purple one(purple is my favorite color). The orange one is a mixture of green also, and if you know the Ireland flag, it's Orange, White, and Green. So that one suits me well.

How about those polka dot shoes from Target? Aren't they just adorable! And they are quite comfy and go with my skinny jeans just nicely!

My plan this weekend is to..

- Make a few afghan squares for the Boston Love Blanket
- Cast on to my new circular needle a baby afghan with that pretty pastel colored yarn to either sell or donate to charity.
- And possibly cast on a new pair of socks that will be for myself. I have not yet knitted a pair for myself.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Hold your loved ones close, and lets hope for a better week next week!



Weekend Planner 4/12 - 4/14

It always feels amazing when you crochet or knit that last stitch on an item for charity, doesn't it? This past week I made a few new items for charity and it felt amazing when I got done with these :)

The granny square baby afghan was just a basic granny square and kept going for 22 rounds. The middle one I just knitted and CO as many as I want and just did a basic garter stitch.

The last one reminds me of watermelon, doesn't it remind you of watermelon? For this I used this Simple Lines baby afghan pattern. I just love this design!

I plan to donate these once I make a bunch more! Putting my stash of yarn to very good use!

It's going to be a little bit chilly and wet out this weekend. But April showers bring May flowers right? So here is what I have planned this weekend..

- I'll be working on some WIPs that I have many of; one being my Octagon and Square afghan! My deadline for this is very soon.

- Even though it's going to be a little cool outside this weekend, I may take my camera and shoot around German Village and Short North area. A little black and white in these two parts of town are my favorite.

Don't you agree?(I do need to visit this shop.)

But back to my weekend plans...

- I bought some Brown and Beige crochet thread, and I plan to make some coaster for my living room coffee table. So maybe I'll work on some to this weekend.

- And of course spending some wonderful time with my husband. It's hard to believe we've been married 3 years on the 23rd! Time sure does fly <3

That's about it for tonight! I hope you all enjoy your weekend whether you are snowed in out west or having a warm Spring weekend, doing what you love to do!

Happy Friday!


Weekend Planner

Happy Saturday everyone! Is everyone enjoying this lovely spring weather? I know I am!

It's a nice warm perfect weekend to do some awesome things!

First off, since it's starting to get nice and warm out, most of my days will be spent outside! So I'll be doing my crocheting and knitting in the evenings or if its a rainy day..

Right now I'm taking a break from my octagon and square afghan and knitting a little bit of preemie items. I plan to start some kind of charity group here shortly, so check back and I'll be adding a new link to my page.

I love the colors of this particular preemie afghan. Makes me think of Watermelon :)

I've been wanting to teach myself to do embroidery, and I saw this little kits at JoAnn's the other day for only $1 and had to pick up a couple of them to try out. Now I need to learn some stitches :) Can't be to hard right?

And of course since it's so lovely outside this weekend and this whole week to come, I plan to be hanging out with...

 my adorable little nephew taking some photos. He's usually shy about the camera so I giggled when I shot this photo. I love his expression!

Today we went to a local park that has a living historical farm that had 3 day old baby lambs :) They were so cute!

Here's some of the photos from that farm.. Enjoy and have an amazing weekend!

Doesn't this look like it was taken waaaaaay back then?