My name is Taylor, and I live in Gahanna, Ohio. Having learned to knit, crochet and loom just a few years ago. I would say that I became a true “Knitter, Crocheter, and Loomer” while going to school for Photography, as a form of stress relief and distraction. I finished that degree and I still enjoy doing anything that consists of yarn. I have a yarn stash with a life of its own, and I am never without a project no matter where I am. I believe in challenging myself and knitting, crocheting, and looming without fear.

This blog is a way for me to get chatty with other yarning friends and neighbours, and it gives me an opportunity to write and photograph what I’m interested in. I also love reading other people’s yarning and photographing blogs.

All images, and original patterns posted on this blog are the property of Taylor Remley unless otherwise noted, and may not be reproduced elsewhere without express permission. I love to share, so all you need to do is ask :)

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