Tis The Season

Hello Everyone! How are you all?

I'm ever so sorry for not coming to visit over the past few months. Not only has time been zooming by making it difficult to find a moment to spend on my blog, but the truth of the matter is.... I've been working on a lot of new stuff.

Having pretty much the past few months free of blogging, I've had some time to focus and to create. I've come up with some really cool ideas for future projects and am feeling rather ambitious in terms of the direction of my blog and business for 2015. 

I've been meaning to write a post for the past few days, but strangely felt like I didn't know where to begin. Of course with it being December, I will be showing off lots of Christmas stuff! I can't help it! I love December, the countdown 'til Christmas and all of the glories it brings! 

Feeling energized and inspired, I'm looking forward to getting back into my blog and spending more time with you all.

Now normally I'm one of those people who just can't wait until Thanksgiving to put up my Christmas tree, but this year plans changed a little bit because my husband and I spent Thanksgiving in the Bahama's this year, and well, we have cats, 2 brand new little ones who are just a few months ago, who every since I've put up my tree think that it's their own little playhouse.

You see? This would be Tenzin, our newest child!

But with that being said! Normally I go all out on my Christmas tree, putting all of my amazing glass ornaments that I love ever so much. But this year, I just couldn't do it with these little tree climbers. So this year I went out and bought all new ornaments, PLASTIC ornaments. So they can bat at them and knock them off the tree all they want this year.

This is probably one of my favorite ornaments on my tree that I found this year. Suits me well doesn't it?

Followed by my camera ornament that I received for Christmas a few years ago..

This is defiantly my favorite ornament that I found this year. Not only is it a Key which is a symbol for having a rare disability/disease. But it also reads "First Christmas In Our New Home". My husband and I moved into this new place back in the spring after many years of personal struggles.

And finally, here is my gorgeous tree.

My tree looked a lot better last week when I finally was able to put it up, but like I said, the kittens are enjoying it to much.

At least these two only sleep under the tree :)

Now, part of my absence from blogging is thanks to my creativeness going crazy! I have been working on amazingly cute items! Almost all of these new items are photography props for the wee little ones, but they have been a big seller in my Etsy shop!

I plan to share some with you all, however lets do so on a later post that I plan to share with you all shortly. But if you're like me and just simply can't wait, head over to my Facebook page! I post there regularly! 

With that being said, have a great weekend everyone! And stay tuned for more!

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