Happy Tuesday

Good Evening everyone! I hope all of you are having a great week so far! Tomorrow is Wednesday! Woohoo!

 Yep, another frigid day here in Ohio. Had about another inch of snow last night. 

 But, what's this in the sky? The Sun? I almost forgot what it looked like! I have a case of cabin fever for sure!

The good thing about cold winter days, gives you the best excuse ever to just stay inside all day and work on some new projects. So far this year I have been pretty busy! And I'm slowly going out of my comfort zone to try new things.

I'm becoming a ruffle scarf making addict! I have a bunch of skeins of this yarn, and they can't wait to be made into scarfs!

I was thinking this year that I will be participating in some local craft fairs. Just to get my feet wet in the craft selling world. I mean what's the worse that can happen? Not get that many sales? Oh well, just get right back up on the horse and keep trying. The harder you try, the better you do :) 

Do you remember when I said the other day that I want to start making cuter items?

Does this newborn frog hat qualify as cute enough? (I will write up the pattern and share).


How about these baby Converse booties :) A special order for my newborn niece! 

I promised myself great things this year, and so far I am sticking to my own promise :) 

Now, since it's a frigid winters day, I thought it would be a good day to start on a rainbow baby afghan. So far the colors are working very well with each other, and I cannot wait to see the completed project. 

Nice, cozy, and soft :) Have a good night everyone!



Snowy Weekend

It's been a few months since I've blogged! Oh no! But it's a new year, and I promised myself that I would work my tail off to be an awesome knitter/crocheter/blogger this year! So here we are, and here we go!

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a terrific New Year! Can't believe it's 2014 and already half way through January!And winter, well is defiantly in full swing here in the States. Minus zero temps and snow! Lots of snow! I know I'm ready for Spring to hit so I can get back into my photography! However, it is winter so a hike down to my favorite waterfalls is in order soon!

Yep, snowy. But not to overly cold... For now.. After all this is Ohio..

Atleast it makes everything look very pretty :) 

Now, nothing like a hot cup of coffee to warm you up on just a cold Winter day. Mmm Vanilla and Hazelnut!

 A few weeks ago I had a nice little chat with myself. A new year means a whole new agenda in life. I decided that I really need to take a different approach to managing myself and my life. I don't have a lot to juggle these days, and in order for my to contine to feel happy and upbeat, it's essential that I keep on top of things. What this basically means is that I need to alter my natural free-floating tendencies and create a little more structure to my days. Yes, a little more organisation and structure would be very good for me, I decided. Just a little, nothing too harsh or stifling. This structure would allow me to carry on doing the things I love (and the things I am committed to) but in a less chaotic, stressful way.

I decided this year that I will go out of my comfort zone with well, just about everything in my life. Knitting and crocheting harder things to better my skills, such as, create my own patterns, continue with harder skills, and try harder more complicated patterns. And with my photography, go WAY out of my comfort zone and try newer things, play around with Photoshop more to create better images. 

So, lets begin this adding more structure and organization with my life. Today, well I organized all of my yarn, and tools (lets hope it stays this way). 

I have come insanely addicted to double-pointed needles in the past few months! Like, really really addicted! So far I've only been making hats with them, but I plan on going out of my comfort zone really soon and trying something a little harder. Can't be that hard riiight?
(Btw, doesn't that hat make you feel really really happy? I think it would make fun socks!)

I'm loving the double ribbed stitch! Makes hats so stretchy to fit over the wee lads head! 

One of my many goals this year, is to knit a bunch of hats to donate to the NICU at one of the hospitals here in town. My niece Twylah was born on Christmas day, 6 weeks early and she has been in the NICU ever since just to get a little help breathing on her own. But luckily, she's doing amazing and should be released this weekend!

But my sister(my best friend) told something very very sad. There are some babies who are there by themselves, their parents don't come to see them until they are ready to go home :( So my goal this year is to knit them up some little hats and some little teddy bears to keep them company! 

And with all of this said, adding some rows on this ripple afghan I've been working on for quite sometime now. It'll be done someday haha! But come Monday, I need to start on a Mickey Mouse graphgan for my nephew who turns 3 in two months! Wow time flies!

 Have a great evening everyone, and happy yarning!