Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Now that I have a normal Monday - Friday job, I have to say, the weekends go by way to fast!

So I have a little good news to share with everyone, my husband and I have decided to move into a bigger place, and I couldn't be more excited!! And what comes with a bigger place? An extra bedroom just for me and my yarn! Wooohoo, my own craft space!

Of course the creative side of my brain is excited as can be and I've had my eyes glued to Pinterest browsing ideas for my room! I have all of this yarn that I need to organize!! Where do I begin?? And of course all of the decorating!! Why no make some decorations made out of yarn! Perhaps some yarn garland? Oh yes, some colorful rainbow yarn garland!

And it is never to early to start! I have decided to start a rainbow granny stripe afghan. The pattern I'm using is actually very easy and the pattern can be found here. I love this womens blog and I'm always looking at it for inspiration! Especially since she has her own little studio! Did  mention I can't wait to decorate mine!?!?!

Ok, so the above yarn is Redheart, i must craft on a budget for the time being and Redheart is cheap in price but is also soft. It is 100% Acrylic :: working on a 5mm hook :: And the colors, make me feel very cheery!

And here are the colors that are in my little yarn basket I made.

Cherry Red
Light Raspberry
Spring Green
Bright Yellow

So i started on my granny stripe blanket a few evenings ago, sat in my living room, hooking that oh so lovely foundation chain (161 long, double bed width aka full size). Anyone else dread the foundation chain? Wiggling about with that long chain, counting like mad, being oh-so-careful to get the count right. Because certain patterns like this,t he count is CRITICAL!

Then after that dreadful chain, comes the tricksy first row, working the stitches and again counting like a mad woman and praying to the yarn angels that you will not have to frog that first row! Because you know, you won't know if you made enough chains until the last stitch of that row!!!

And qouldn't you know it, I had the count right the first time! No frogging was needed! Woohoo!!!!

And now onto the patter we go. I love granny squares, but I love the simplicty of the granny stripes! So after the foundation row and the first row and that dreadful counting is over, it's a happy, delicious, and skippy breeze! So now the easy hooking can begin! Zooming up that row making those cute clusters, nothing can stop me now.

Well unless my crafters ADD kicks in, "Ooo another pretty pattern to work up."

Row after row, so easy, so happy, so strippy, and so amazing!

I am really loving this pattern and loving the colors!

I am hoping that some of you wil be granny stripping along with me! Give it a go! If I love it this much, so will you, I promise!!

As I said earlier, I am moving in just a short 5 weeks. I need to start packing along with working a 40 hour full time job! So I may be a little MIA for the next few weeks, but I'm thinking an hour a day to work on projects won't hurt, riiiiight? I have to have my daily dose of yarn!

However, this move, is going to be so worth it! A whole room to myself that the hubby can't touch! Don't mind if I do!

Have a great week everyone! Stay warm! And think, there is only 6 more weeks of winter left! I know, I'm ready for it to be over to!


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  1. This makes me happy. I thought I posted that the other night after showing John. I must not have hit send.